University of Cape Coast

Millan Ahema Tawiah (Ms.) holds a Master of Philosophy (Educational Administration), and a Bachelor of Education (Art) from the University of Education, Winneba and the University of Cape Coast respectively. She is a Senior Assistant Registrar, currently the Faculty Officer of the School of Educational Development and Outreach in the College of Education Studies.  Millan is also the Hall Warden of the Premier Hall of the University of Cape Coast, Oguaa Hall.  Her research interests are in Administration and Management.

Millan is a professional administrator and a member of the Chartered Institute of Administrators and Management Consultants (CIAMC) of Ghana. She is also a Member of the Ghana Association of University Administrators (GAUA). She has working experience in some Directorates, Sections and Units and had served and continues to serve on some committees in the University of Cape Coast as either a secretary or member. Committees served  include Academic Planning and Management Committee, Teaching and Examinations Timetable Committee, Income Generation Committee, Joint admission Board, Committee of Heads of Hall, Restructuring of the Institute of Education Committee, Awards Committee and Professional Boards of the Colleges of Education, Affiliated Colleges of Education Board, Faculty Board and Appointments and Promotions Committee, Vetting Committee for Student’s Emergency Relief fund (SERF) Committee of reconstituted Sexual Harassment and Committee to review Student hand book.

 She has participated in a number of workshops and facilitated a number of workshops and orientation, such as orientation for newly admitted students on Academic Programmes and policies of the University of Cape Coast and on the Students’ Hand Book (Regular / Sandwich), workshop on Managing Academic Programmes in Colleges of Education, organized by UCC in collaboration with T-TELL October 9th Pempamsie Cape Coast and October 10th 2018, at Anita Hotel, Facilitator at a two day workshop organized for Vice Principals and Assessment officers at Pempamsie, Cape Coast, a two day training / workshop for Hall Assistants in the University of Cape Coast held on 12th – 13th November 2019 at the Institute of Education Conference room.Millan was the Vice Electoral Chair for SRC/Local NUGS/GRASAG/JCRC Elections and is currently the Electrol Chairperson.

Millan has to her credit, a number of reports, memorandum and publications in the area of educational administration. Publications include: “Stress management among senior staff female administrators in the University of Cape Coast, (2014)”,Orientation impact on performance of undergraduate students in the University of Cape Coast” (2014), “Influence of Customer Care Management Practices on Customer Loyalty at University of Cape Coast Water Unit (U-Splash), (2017),  “Effects of Compensation on the Work Performance of Junior Staff of the University of Cape Coast” (2017), “Effect of Training and Development on Examination Invigilators’ Work Performance at the University of Cape Coast (2017), Memos include “Upward review of allowances for Chief Invigilators, Invigilation Assistants and Attendants.” (2014), “Construction of car parks in the University of Cape Coast campus". (2015) "Lecture Halls in the University of Cape Coast: Their state uses and  maintenance”. (2016). “Conduct of Examinations in the University of Cape Coast: Security Implications” (2017). “Increasing spate of Examination Malpractices in the University of Cape Coast” (2018). “Upward review of rates:  Marking in excess of two hundred Scripts and Brailing and Transcription of scripts in the University of Cape Coast”.(2018) Reports include “Report of the Committee of enquiry into the fictitious use of fake pay-in-slip for registration for the 2011/2012 and 2012/2013 academic year”, “Report of the Committee of enquiry into Students Disturbances at Casely Hayford Hall on 3rd May”, 2013, “Report of the Committee of Enquiry into the 2014/2015 admission fraud cases involving some staff and students and their external allies”, “Report on the 2nd Annual Combating Education Irregularities and examination fraud summit in Johannesburg, South Africa. May”, 2014, “Report on the conduct of End of Semester examinations in the University of Cape Coast 2014-2018”, “Report on the visit to some Scandinavian Universities in August, 2015,Evaluation report on the conduct of Examinations in the University of Cape Coast from 2014/2015-2015/2016 Academic years” and “Report on the Review of the mandate of the Institute of Education” (2018).

Millan is an experienced Administrator with excellent problem-solving skills and strong organizational skills that are versatile, strategic and innovative.