University of Cape Coast

Dr. Thomas Hormenu is a Cardiometabolic Health Epidemiologist, Health Promotion and Physical Education expert. He had his foundation from teacher training at Akatsi Teacher Training College (now Akatsi College of Education). He holds a Bachelor of Education (Health, Physical Education and Recreation), Master of Philosophy (Health Education), Doctor of Philosophy degree in Health Promotion (Maternal and Child Health), from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana and currently undergoing a postdoctoral research fellowship training in Epidemiology from the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda-Maryland, USA.

His research areas of interests extend into multidisciplinary sectors, owing to an epitome of diversities in his training from teacher education and health promotion to cardiometabolic health risks epidemiology. Thematically, his research focuses on Cardiometabolic Risks Epidemiology,Health Promotion in the area of School Health, Maternal and Adolescents Health Behaviours. Others are Teacher Training and Preparation, Psychosocial Determinants of Health and Physical Activity. He has co-authored publications with renowned scholars on interesting topics expanding from , health promotion to biomedical research in peer reviewed Journals. Currently, his research focuses on identifying risk factors for cardiovascular diseases across lifespan.

Dr. Thomas Hormenu has goals and ambitions towards training the next generation of health research scientists and teachers, contributing immensely towards formulating health and educational policies. These he has done through research, teaching and supervising undergraduate and postgraduate (MA, M.Ed, M.Phil and Ph.D) students with different credentials of which majority are contributing in diverse facets of national development.