University of Cape Coast

Dr. Patrick Essien is a distinguished Lecturer of Physics at the University of Cape Coast, specializing in Space Weather, Atmospheric/Ionospheric Physics, and Climate Change Science. He earned his Ph.D. in Space Geophysics from the renowned National Institute for Space Research (INPE) in Brazil, where he also served as an assistant scientist for the space weather program. The specific research focuses on exploring the intricate interplay between space weather, atmospheric/ionospheric conditions, and their significant impacts on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) like GPS and GLONASS. His pioneering work extends to investigating neutral atmospheric processes and disturbances, unraveling their profound influence on Earth's climate system. Dr. Essien holds the distinction of being the first foreigner to assume the role of President of the Postgraduate Students at the National Institute for Space Research. He notably represented Ghana in the United Nations and Azerbaijan program on the International Space Weather Initiative in 2022.

Throughout his academic journey, Dr. Essien has garnered prestigious recognition, including the distinguished Max Hammond Student Award for his exceptional abstract and Ph.D. project presentation at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) conference in 2019. He was also lauded for delivering the best oral presentation at the 2018 international COSPAR Capacity building workshop on space weather in Brazil. Notably, he was honored as the best scientist of the month (May 2020) by the African Geophysical Society (AGS). Dr. Essien's scholarly contributions are underscored by a substantial portfolio of published articles in esteemed international journals. He holds esteemed memberships in prominent scientific societies, including the American Geophysical Union, European Geophysical Union, African Geophysical Society, Brazilian Symposium on Space Geophysics and Aeronomy, and the Ghana Institute of Physics. His involvement further extends to serving as the former national point of contact for Ghana with the Space Generation Advisory Council. 

Beyond his academic pursuits, Dr. Essien is deeply devoted to community service. As the founder and CEO of Molex Foundation Africa, a non-profit organization, he is dedicated to inspiring, mentoring, and guiding young individuals towards achieving greatness in the future. His multifaceted contributions exemplify a holistic approach to advancing science and embracing social responsibility.