University of Cape Coast

Dr. Gloria  Techie-Donkor

Dr. Gloria Techie-Donkor

Senior Assistant LibrarianSenior


Refereed Journal Papers

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11. Afful-Arthur, P. & Tachie-Donkor, G. (2015). Promoting the culture of reading among school children in selected communities around the University of Cape Coast through reading clinics, Journal of Applied Information Science, 4 (1), 25-30, Available at 

 Conference Papers

1.    Tachie-Donkor, G., & Ezema, I. J. (2021). Information literacy instruction for lifelong learning among students in University of Cape Coast, Ghana. 7th National Conference of Academic and Research Libraries (1-8), Institutions. 

2.    Cobblah, M. & Tachie-Donkor, G. (2019). An assessment of the contribution of institutional repositories to the visibility and citation impact of universities in Ghana. Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference of the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Ghana,189-207. 

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