University of Cape Coast

Dr. Vera Arhin: A Distinguished Scholar and Educator.

 Dr. Vera Arhin, a dedicated and accomplished educator, stands as a beacon of academic excellence and commitment to education. Hailing from Assin-Akropong in Ghana, she has established herself as a prominent figure in the field of Educational Psychology and Guidance and Counselling. Her contributions span various spheres of academia, from research and publications to teaching and leadership roles.

Dr. Arhin's academic journey is marked by a series of noteworthy achievements. She earned her Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Educational Psychology from Kenyatta University in Nairobi, Kenya, solidifying her expertise in understanding the psychological dynamics of education. Prior to that, she completed her Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) in Guidance and Counselling and her Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) with Second Class (Upper Division) honors, both from the University of Cape Coast. 

Throughout her career, Dr. Arhin has exhibited an unwavering commitment to her students' success. As a lecturer at the University of Cape Coast's College of Distance Education, she has inspired countless learners through her engaging courses and mentorship. Her areas of expertise include Educational Psychology and Guidance and Counselling, and her teaching extends to essential subjects such as General Principles and Methods of Teaching and Career Development.

Dr. Arhin's influence extends beyond the classroom. She has served in various leadership positions, notably as the Coordinator of the Counselling Unit and the Coordinator of the Teaching Practice and Project Work Unit at the College of Distance Education. Her leadership prowess also led her to serve on committees and boards that oversee educational policy, program development, and student support services.

A prolific researcher, Dr. Arhin's contributions to educational scholarship are substantial. Her work addresses critical issues such as students' retention and dropout rates in distance learning, HIV/AIDS awareness among students, and the impact of tutoring on academic performance. Her research output is complemented by an impressive list of publications in reputable academic journals, and she continues to be sought after for her insights and expertise.

Dr. Arhin's dedication to improving education is not limited to academia. She has actively participated in community service initiatives, including talks on stress management, study habits, and menstrual hygiene awareness for school children. These efforts showcase her commitment to creating a positive impact beyond the academic realm.

As a Ghanaian national with a strong Christian faith, Dr. Vera Arhin embodies the values of resilience, dedication, and empathy. Her journey from local education to international recognition serves as an inspiration to aspiring educators and scholars alike. Through her multifaceted contributions to education, she has become a true advocate for knowledge, growth, and positive change.