University of Cape Coast

Stephen has over a decade cumulative experience of teaching and research in the university with graduate level training spanning MPhil, PhD, and postdoctoral levels. His teaching fields involve human morphologic disciplines (histology, embryology, and gross anatomy) and neuroscience. Research fields span non-coding RNAs of microRNAs and circular RNAs, exosome, cell culture, immunohistochemistry, cytochemistry, rodent models and drug formulation and administration. Research interest include brain-immune/peripheral axis, maternal/placental/immune/brain axis, and peripheral organs. Conditions of interest: psychosis, cerebral palsy, obesity, diabetes mellitus, prenatal inflammation, maternal immune activation, oxidative stress and antioxidant interventions. Stephen is interested in the use of patient samples, appropriate models from molecular, cellular, to organ-systems to study brain and peripheral organs in health and disease and diet and pharmacological agents.