University of Cape Coast

Prof. Samuel Essien-Baidoo is an Associate Professor in Laboratory Medicine and a Fellow of the West African Postgraduate College of Medical Laboratory Science, with a background in Health Law and Ethics. My research is dedicated to exploring the intricate interplay between natural and artificial determinants of adverse health outcomes, particularly in the context of infectious and non-infectious diseases. Administratively, I have a wealth of experience. Serving as the founding Head of the Department of Medical Laboratory Science and held many other positions at my university. As an external examiner, nationally and internationally, I have also represented the University of Cape Coast on the boards of Health Training Institutions affiliated with the university and many others. I have a great commitment to community service and volunteer work. I have actively engaged in various initiatives, including livelihood empowerment, environmental sanitation, waste management, and efforts to combat sexual and gender-based violence and promote reproductive health by mentoring and guiding student volunteers.