University of Cape Coast

Mr. Samuel Badu Nyarko obtained his first degree in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology from the University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast, Ghana in 2010. He also obtained his Masters degree in the same area in 2018. 

In September, 2011, he was appointed Laboratory Technologist at School of Medical Sciences, University of Cape Coast (UCC), Cape Coast, Ghana. He has supervised several practical sessions and assisted in several individual and school researches at the school of Medical Sciences, UCC. He has done many research work in different areas of science. 

My recent research work focus on study of Viral suppression and the immmunomodulations that contribute to these processes within the host and the host genomics and their influence on therapeutics and disease susceptibility in African populations. Also, I have interests in host parasite interactions and their immune responses. My research interests are basically in Genomics and disease pathologies as well as disease mechanisms. I also study biological diversity using bioinformatics tools and phylogenetic analysis for species relatedness. I study malaria parasite diversity using genetic and antigenic properties of the various Plasmodia species. Areas of interests spans from Genomics, Pharmacogenomics, Molecular Virology, Molecular Biology/Medicine, Parasitology, Molecular Diagnostics, Drug Discovery and Toxicology, Disease mechanisms, Medical Biochemistry and Cancer Biology.