University of Cape Coast

Dr. (Mrs.) Samira Esinam Elsie Woananu-Aggor

Dr. (Mrs.) Samira Esinam Elsie Woananu-Aggor


Dr. (Mrs.) Samira Esinam Elsie Aggor Woananu is a dedicated and accomplished professional with a robust educational background and a passion for Environmental Chemistry. Currently holding the position of a Lecturer in the Department of Laboratory Technology at University of Cape Coast, she brings over 17 years of expertise to the field. Her commitment to excellence aligns with the institution's mission, fostering enthusiasm for contributing to academic and research endeavors.

Dr. (Mrs.) Woananu's qualifications include a Ph.D. in Chemistry  , an M.Phil. in Chemistry , a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (P.G.D.E)  , and a B.Sc. in Chemistry , all from the University of Cape Coast.

Her research interests primarily focus on Environmental Chemistry, emphasizing the monitoring and assessment of pollution. Driven by dedication, she aims to advance understanding in environmental issues and contribute to sustainable solutions benefiting both academia and society at large.

In addition to academic pursuits, Dr. (Mrs.) Woananu finds joy and balance in various activities such as cooking, homemaking, reading, swimming, and walking. These activities contribute not only to relaxation but also to a well-rounded and holistic approach to life.