University of Cape Coast

Dr. Rogers Asempasah is a senior lecturer at the Department of English, University of Cape Coast, Ghana and a Fellow of the American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS), African Humanities Program (F’20). His area of specialisation is literary studies. Dr. Asempasah's teaching, and research are guided by an interdisciplinary perspective. His research and publications have drawn on the intersections between writing and especially West African oral repertoires. Broadly, Dr. Asempasah's research interests encompass the representations of trauma and memory, ecocriticism, and belonging in Anglophone African literature. Central to his research work is the conceptualisation of the African novel as a site for thinking otherwise. Consequently, he has drawn on concepts and ideas from critical theory and African cultural and literary scholars. In the last few years, Dr. Asempasah has directed his research focus on popular culture and campaign songs in Ghana. He is currently working on five research projects: 1. a book project tentatively tilted Beyond the Tunes: The Animal Gaze, Critique and Pedagogies of the Everyday in Highlife Music in Ghana; 2. "Blindness and Insight: Ecological Awareness and Tans-corporeality in Abubakar Adam Ibrahim's "The Whispering Trees"; 3. "Remembering the Disremembered: 9/11 and Traumatic Memory in Abubakar Adam Ibrahim's short story "The Book of Remembered Things"; 4.  "Rethinking Campaign Songs as Strategic Narrative: A Critical Analysis of "Awurade Kasa" and "Wona Mayi Wo" in Elections in Ghana." 5. "Rethinking Campaign Songs as Strategic Narratives: A Critical Analysis of “Awurade Kasa” and “Wona Mayi Wo” in Elections in Ghana."