University of Cape Coast

I am a lecturer at the Department of Communication Studies, University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast, Ghana. I first joined the university community in 2010 when I was appointed Senior Research Assistant. I was appointed Assistant Lecturer, in 2013, at the Department of Communication Studies.  In 2020, I completed my PhD (English Language) and I was awarded Outstanding Research Thesis at the 5th Session of the 53rd Congregation of University of Cape Coast (School of Graduate Studies), October 30, 2021. Besides,  I am an Awardee of Research Support Grants from Directorate of Research, Innovation & Consultancy (DRIC), University of Cape Coast, May, 2017. 

I  have served as examination officer,  academic counsellor, and outreach co-ordinator, for the department. Currently, I am Coordinator for Communicative Skills, a university-wide course which is offered by all level hundred (100) students of  University of Cape Coast, and it is housed at the Department of Communication Studies. 

My research interests include academic communication, postgraduate pedagogy, Sociolinguistics, and Language and Ideology. I have gained teaching experience at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level, including the teaching of these: Communicative Skills, Communicative Research Methods, Media, Culture and Society, Seminar and Practicum, and Language use in communication.

 I have authored and co-authored a number of publications. I have presented and participated in a number of workshops, seminars, and conferences. In addition, I have supervised a number of theses and still supervising thesis at the departments of English and Communication Studies. I have also served as advisor and reader of proposals from the Department of English and Communication Studies. Also, I have served as a cognate thesis assessor to the Department of English on a number of occasions.

My hobbies include watching documentaries, singing, and teaching children. 

 I aspire to be a renowned scholar in academic communication, and I gladly welcome collaborations in any area of my research interests and beyond.