University of Cape Coast

Prof. Joseph Aggrey-Fynn is a Professor of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences in the University of Cape Coast. He has developed his career in Ghana and Germany. He has a PhD degree (Natural Sciences - Fisheries Oceanography Option) from University of Bremen, Germany in 2008; MSc (Tropical Aquatic Ecology) from University of Bremen, Germany in 2001; and BSc (Zoology) from University of Ghana, Legon, Ghana in 1998. He has experience in fisheries and aquatic sciences research and teaching since 2002.

His research interest cover the following areas: (i) Marine microplastics in fish stomach contents, (ii) Fish stock assessment in the western Gulf of Guinea, (iii) Small scale fisheries along the coast of West Africa, (iv) Otolithic studies of marine fish species, (v) Marine capture fisheries and offshore oil and gas operations, (vi) Environmental monitoring in the offshore oil and gas fields in Ghana, and (vii) Occurrence of heavy metals in fish visceral organs in small-scale mining areas.

Professor Aggrey-Fynn had participated in a number of multi-national offshore cruises for oceanographic and fisheries data collection and research in the western Gulf of Guinea as a scientist in 2005, 2009, 2010 and 2012. He had special training in Environmental Monitoring in Marine Habitat at the Institute of Marine Research, Bergen-Norway. He had been trained in Marine Oil Pollution – Monitoring and Management at SINTEF Marine Environmental Technology in Trondheim-Norway. He has experience in offshore environmental monitoring with special emphasis on oil and gas fields.

He was the Founding Director of the Institute for Oil and Gas Studies in University of Cape Coast from 2013-2018. Prof. Aggrey-Fynn had served as a member on the National Steering/Implementation Committees on National Fisheries College (2011-2019); and West Africa Regional Fisheries Programme (WARFP) (2012-2016).

He had been one of the principal researchers in an Environmental Baseline Studies for ENI-Ghana Exploration and Production in the Western Region of Ghana. He had engaged in a number of consultancies in recent past in the area of fisheries, aquaculture and marine fisheries and offshore petroleum production. The recent consultancies are: a 5-year UCC/USAID Fisheries and Coastal Management Capacity Building Project (2015-2020) as one of the Principal Research Scientists; and another 5-year UKRI GCRF One Ocean Hub Project (involving Ghana, South Africa, Solomon and Fiji Islands, and Scotland) (2018 – date) as one of the Co-Investigators on the project.