University of Cape Coast

John-Doe Yao Dordzro is a fellow of the African Humanities Programme of the American Council of Learned Societies, and a lecturer in Music Education at the Department of Music and Dance, University of Cape Coast, Ghana. He is the instructor for Applied Music (Brass and woodwinds), the director of the Wind ensemble of the Department of Music and Dance, University of Cape Coast and also in charge of many Wind bands and Choral groups across Ghana. His research interests are in instrumental music pedagogy (Wind Instruments), school music participation of Ghanaian children, school band activities in Ghana, community music, gender issues in music, and general issues in music Education. His publications include: Impact of Ghanaian school band instructors’ rehearsal strategies on students’ performance, influences on basic school band pupils’ instrument choices, informal music education in Ghana, Brass Band music in Ghana,  and Basic school head teachers’ perceptions on the role of school Music.