University of Cape Coast

Presented a paper on, “Cross-language positive and negative priming effects reverse when priming manipulations proceed from L2 to L1” at Cognitive Neuroscience Society Conference, Boston, USA. March, 2019
Presented a paper on, “Inhibition in the information processing system” at Gordon Research Conference, Frontiers of Science, Les Diablerets, Switzerland. June, 2017
Presented a paper on, “Negative priming effects using large pools of words from distinctly different languages” at Annual Meeting of the Psychonomic Society, Boston, USA. November, 2017
Presented a paper on “How do bilinguals control their lexicalization process? Evidence from Twi-English speakers’’ at Annual KIWICAM (Kiwi Cognition and Memory), Otago, New Zealand. November, 2016
Presented a paper on “Bilingual-monolingual comparison of excitatory and inhibitory priming by attended and ignored words”. at Psychological Society Annual Conference, Wellington, New Zealand. September, 2016
Presented a paper on “Effect of cognitive modelling on impulsive behaviour among primary school children” at Collaboration of Education Faculties in West Africa (CEFWA), 4th International Conference, Cape Coast, Ghana. July, 2013