University of Cape Coast

 Prof. Isaac Buabeng is a distinguished educator in the field of science education at the Department of Basic Education, University of Cape Coast. His extensive research interests span innovative approaches to science teaching, particularly at the primary and secondary levels. Additionally, he has delved into the realm of authentic assessment in Early Childhood Education. As part of his doctoral research, Prof. Buabeng meticulously investigated the teaching and learning of physics within the context of New Zealand senior high schools. Notably, one of his significant projects focused on understanding female students’ participation and interest in STEM education at both the senior high school and tertiary levels in Ghana. 

With research experience spanning both Ghana and New Zealand, Prof. Buabeng has authored and published several articles in referred journals. His scholarly contributions aim to advance science education and foster inclusivity in STEM education. Through his work, Prof. Buabeng plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of science education and promoting equitable opportunities for all learners.