University of Cape Coast

Isaac Benning is an inspired mathematics educator with 17 years of teaching experience. Isaac is a lecturer at the Department of Mathematics and ICT Education, Faculty of Science and Technology Education, University of Cape Coast, Ghana. Isaac’s classroom teaching is directed towards providing an interactive learning environment for prospective mathematics teachers to gain advanced working knowledge and skills of the teaching profession. Isaac’s research activities involve professional development for mathematics teachers focussing on tracking the development of their dispositions towards effective pedagogical use of technology. Isaac is inspired to share and learn from others the professional teaching experiences and research that aim at widening the learning space for productive classroom discourse. In the last five years, Isaac has been working with and training both pre-and in-service mathematics teachers towards the pedagogical use of GeoGebra in mathematics teaching. The overarching aim of Isaac is to continuously build on his expertise needed for a management position in mathematics education where through research and teaching, he could employ his knowledge and leadership skills to advance professional teacher development in Ghana and beyond.