University of Cape Coast

Eric Debrah Otchere teaches in the Department of Music and Dance (Faculty of Arts, College of Humanities and Legal Studies) at the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. He specializes in the field(s) of Music Education/Music Psychology and handles various courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. He is the recipient of several prestigious awards/fellowships such as a Presidential Fellow of the African Studies Association (USA), AHP-ACLS/Rhodes University Post-Doctoral Fellow, and a Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Studies (STIAS) Iso Lomso Fellow.

His research interests cover areas in Music Education (e.g. pedagogy, philosophy, curriculum, research methods) and Music Psychology (e.g. music and emotions, musical development, music preferences, music cognition, emotional intelligence, health and wellbeing). He has a number of publications in International peer-reviewed journals, some of which he has also reviewed papers for.