University of Cape Coast

I am a sex sociologist-turned-anthropologist (with additional training) with a passion for sex and gender in cultural studies. I focus on cultural representations of men and boys, sexual behaviours and responses (intimacy, desires, eroticism, romance, sexual positioning, penile-vaginal intercourse/coitus, oral sex, masturbation, dildo-vaginal penetration, virtual or online sex, orgasm, sexual pleasure or satisfaction, erection, and phallus), alcohol and substance misuse and abuse, sexual health (condomless sex, hypersexuality, STIs), and queer lives. I also have an interest in theoretical and philosophical issues related to sex and research methodologies. I see very strong intersections of gender, sex, sexual cultures, and issues related to health and violence. I agree with views that suggest that power is not a given but a "thing" out there to find. In that regard, my research and writings provide both empirical and conceptually and methodologically specific narratives to push for additional views from the fringes beyond what we know about globality. I am an academic editor at PLOS ONE and the editor of the Ghana Journal of Sociology and Anthropology (GJSA), which is the flagship journal of the Ghana Sociological and Anthropological Association (GSAA). I am a reviewer for some renowned journals in the humanities and social sciences, such as The Lancet Global Health. Furthermore, I examine and review for top African and European universities, such as South Africa's University of Cape Town, Russia's National Research University—Higher School of Economics (HSE), and Ghana’s University of Ghana (UG, my alma mater). I am engaged in advocacy for non-binary and gender-variant lives in Ghana. A summary of research accolades comprises details of my achievements, research grants, consultancy, travel grants, and fellowships globally. I am an CCNY fellow, an ACLS/AHP fellow, a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Scholar, and a double recipient of the World Social Science Forum Fellowship Award supported by the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC). Daniel is also an alumnus of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva. As a senior lecturer in anthropology and sociology at the University of Cape Coast, I am also currently the coordinator for research at the Centre for Gender, Research, Advocacy, and Documentation (CEGRAD). I founded the Centre for Men’s Health and Sex Studies, a not-for-profit organisation, to promote and gain support for work on men in Ghana. I guest edited a special issue of Sociolinguistic Studies, published in 2023.