University of Cape Coast

I joined UCC in 2010 as a Research Assistant with the Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, School of Biological Sciences, CANS. I graduated with a BSc. in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, UCC, and an MPhil in Nuclear Agriculture (Mutation Breeding and Plant Biotechnology, Option) from the School of Nuclear and Allied Sciences, University of Ghana. I had a Ph.D. degree in Plant Pathology (Molecular Plant Virology, Major) from Shandong Agricultural University, P.R. China. I am currently a lecturer in the Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, University of Cape Coast. 

Research Areas: Molecular Biology, Plant Breeding and Genetics, Plant Virology, Plant Physiology

Research Publications

1. Kumi, F., Van der-Puije, G., Tettey, C. & Lamptey, J.N.L. (2016). Incidence and severity of Citrus tristeza virus in Abura-Asebu- Kwamankese District, Ghana. RUFORUM Working Document Series (ISSN 1607-9345) No. 14 (1): 635-642.

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3. Tettey, C. K. (2017). Characterisation And Determination Of Virus Resistance Among Cowpea [Vigna Unguiculata (L.) Walp.] Genotypes (Masters dissertation, University of Ghana).

4. Tettey, C. K., Asare-Bediako, E., Asare, T. A., & Amoatey, H. (2018). Phenotypic screening of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp) genotypes for resistance to cowpea viral diseases. African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development, 18(2),13502-13524.

5.Yokamo, S., Xiaoqiang, J., Gurmu, F., Tettey, C., & Jiang, R. (2022). Cereal production trends, nutrient use efficiency and its management practices in agriculture: A review. Archives of Agriculture and Environmental Science, 7(1), 114-20, 

6. TETTEY Carlos Kwesi*, YAN Zhi-yong*, MA Hua-yu, ZHAO Mei-sheng, GENG Chao, TIAN Yan-ping#, LI Xiang-dong#. Tomato mottle mosaic virus: characterization, resistance gene effectiveness, and quintuplex RT-PCR detection system. Journal of Integrated Agriculture, under review

7. Yan Zhi-Yong, Ma Hua-Yu, Wang Lu, Tettey Carlos, Zhao Mei-Sheng, Geng Chao, Tian Yan-Ping*, Li Xiang-Dong*. Identification of genetic determinants of tomato brown rugose fruit virus that enable infection of plants harboring Tm-22 resistance gene. Molecular Plant Pathology, 2021, Published online Aug. 13, 2021 DOI 10.1111/mpp.13115(

8. Cheng De-Jie, Xu Xiao-Jie, Yan Zhi-Yong, Tettey Carlos Kwesi, Fang Le, Yang Guang-Ling, Geng Chao, Tian Yan-Ping†(senior author), Li Xiang-Dong*. The chloroplast ribosomal protein large subunit 1 interacts with viral polymerase and promotes virus infection. Plant Physiology, 2021, 187(1): 174-186