University of Cape Coast

Dr. Bruno Osafo is a former student of the University of Cape Coast, having obtained his B.A. (Hons) degree in 2007. He then went on to earn his M.Phil. (History) degree in 2010 and his PhD in 2023. His master's thesis focused on the history and use of press-regulatory laws in Ghana from 1857 to 1992, while his PhD thesis examined the relationship between the Executive and Judiciary in Ghana from 1853 to 1966. 

Dr. Osafo was first appointed as a Senior Research Assistant in the Department of History and Diplomacy (UCC) in 2011, before being promoted to Principal Research Assistant in 2012. He was then appointed as an Assistant Lecturer in the same department in 2012, and finally as a Lecturer in 2023. In 2018, he was awarded a NORPART Fellowship by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. 

Dr. Osafo's research interests span a wide range of fields, including the judicial history of Ghana, the evolution of the press in Ghana, institutional histories, and contemporary narratives. He is passionate about the multifaceted history of Ghana and West Africa, and his research goes beyond traditional academic boundaries to explore the intersections of politics, culture, and society in the region. 

As an educator and scholar, Dr. Osafo is committed to expanding knowledge within academia and fostering a deeper understanding of Ghanaian and West African history among the broader public. He teaches courses such as the history of West Africa, AD1000 - 1500, the history of Ottoman North Africa up to 1830, and the history of America from its beginnings up to 1840. 

Dr. Osafo is the author of The Ghanaian Print Media and Press-Regulatory Laws: 1857-1992 and co-authored Upholding the Evangelical Truth: The Story of Korle-Bu Community Chapel (1967-2013).