University of Cape Coast

Brandford Bervell had his postdoctoral training at the Centre for Instructional Technology and Multimedia, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Penang, Malaysia. He has a Ph.D. in E-learning from the Centre for Instructional Technology and Multimedia, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Penang, Malaysia and a Masters degree in Information Technology Education from the University of Cape Coast. His Bachelor's degree was in Social Studies Education. Professionally, he holds a Diploma certificate in Information Technology from Alison Institute in USA, a Certificate in Faculty Online Teaching from Ghana Technology University and Certificate in Google Analytics from Google USA. Brandford does research in general Educational Technology, E-learning, Blended Learning, QR Code Technology Usage, Distance education and Linear and non-linear Structural Equation Modelling. He is also a Senior lecturer at the College of Distance Education, University of Cape Coast where he facilitates courses in technology integration in education such as:

Learning Theories for Teaching and Training with Technology; Modalities for Teaching and Training with Technology; Instructional Design and Development using Technology;Computers as Learning Tools (Introduction to Database); ICT’s in Distance Education; Computers in Education; Educational Statistics for Technology-Based research. Currently, he serves as the Coordinator of the Quality Assurance and Enhancement Unit, College of Distance Education, University of Cape Coast. Additionally, he serves as a Deputy Director for the Directorate of Research, Innovation and Consultancy (DRIC), University of Cape Coast.

In terms of outreach programmes, he has attended conferences both in Ghana and outside countries such as Thailand, Cyprus, Singapore and Malaysia. With regards to publications, he has over forty (40) publications in refereed ISI/Scopus journals with reputable publishers such as Elsevier; Routledge Taylor and Francis; Athabasca University press; Springer Nature; Modestum press, Hong Kong University press, Inderscience, IGI Global, Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education. Additionally, he serves as an astute international reviewer for ISI/Scopus international refereed journals such as Eurasia Journal of Mathematics Science and Technology Education (EJMSTE);International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning (IRRODL); Research in Learning Technology (RLT); Knowledge Management and E-Learning (KM&EL);International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education (IJETHE); Open Learning:The Journal of Open, Distance and E-Learning; Open Praxis; Journal of Information Technology and Politics; Edulearn;Contemporary Educational Technology; Sage Open, BMC Medical Education etc. He also serves as an editorial board member of Contemporary Educational Technology (Scopus indexed journal) as well as a co-editor for Eurpoean Journal of Interactive Multimedia in Education and an article editor for Sage Open (ISI web of science indexed). Additionally, he serves as a board member for ICT on the Appointment and Promotions Board for Senior Members at the Cape Coast Technical University (CTU), Cape Coast. Within the University of Cape Coast, he serves on the University Publications committee as well as the 2023-2027 Research Agenda committee. In terms of mentorship, he mentors PhD students from Federal Karzan University, Ukraine; Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia; University of South Africa (UNISA), South Africa; and Universiti Central Nicaragua (UCN), Nicaragua.

Currently, he has won a grant from the Malaysian government together with his colleagues from Malaysia and Portugal for conducting a research into "Facilitating the Use of Mobile-Based Communication for Studio-Based Learning in Higher Learning Institutions". He is also undertaking another project in Digital Citizenship and Self-Eficacy Model of Online Learning Readiness and Online Teaching Readiness.

With regards to software proficiency, Brandford uses softwares such as :

  • Smart-PLS
  • AMOS
  • GSCA
  • RStatistics
  • Articulate 360
  • QR Code Technology
  • Learning Management Systems (Google Classroom, Moodle, Docebo, Fronter)
  • Video-Conferencing Software (Eg. APACHE Open Meeting, ZOOM etc.)
  • SPSS
  • EndNote
  • Harzing's PoP
  • Microsoft Office Suite

His main competencies include:Learning Management System Architecture design; Learning Management System Analytics; User Interface design; Animation, content creation and production for e-learning; Online facilitation; Structural Equation Modelling (Linear and Non-Linear); Needs Analysis for information systems; Teaching and research in technology integration into education.

With all these competencies, Brandford aims to be an internationally acclaimed expert in e-Learning practice and research towards education delivery. He is opened to both local and international collaborations.