University of Cape Coast

Kwabena Barima Antwi was educated at the University of Bradford, UK, and Kwame

Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST, Kumasi, Ghana). He is

currently the Vice Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Geography and

Regional Planning as an Associate Professor in Geography of Development, Social

Planning and Management. He is a scholar with varied background and engage both

undergraduate and graduate students and teach courses such as Regional Analysis and

Development Planning, Strategic Development and Project planning, Rural Resource

Management, Population Policy and National Development among others. Prof. Antwi is

a Ghanaian and has worked with the Ministry of Health for five years at the regional level

before joining the Department of Geography Regional Planning (Formally Geography and

Tourism) in 1998, University of Cape Coast, Ghana.

His area of research interest includes Public Sector Reform; Human and Institutional

Capacity Building of Local Governments; Poverty Studies, Social and Technology-driven

Development. He has published a number of peer reviewed papers on issues of integrated

development, including: Leadership as the bane of Africa’s underdevelopment challenges;

Decentralization as a panacea to poverty reduction and Gender disparity in technology and

productivity; and Women in Local Governance for Sustainable Development in

Ghana. Prof. Antwi co-directed a Chevening Public Sector Reform short course for

developing countries organized by the Bradford Centre for International Development (i.e.

2005-2009) funded by the British Commonwealth and Foreign Office where he led

participants for study tours to many places in the UK.