University of Cape Coast

Abraham Ansong is a distinguished Professor and thought leader in the field of management and leadership, with a profound dedication to the advancement of corporate governance, organisational management, and leadership. With a passion for empowering individuals through entrepreneurship and financial literacy, he has made a significant impact on the academic and business communities. As a visionary educator, Abraham has dedicated his career to both teaching and research. He is currently the Head of the Department of Management at the esteemed University of Cape Coast, where he leads with a commitment to academic excellence, innovation, and mentorship.

 Abraham's expertise in corporate governance, management, and leadership is reflected in his extensive body of research, which has been published in renowned journals and has contributed to the broader understanding of these critical disciplines. His research not only informs academia but also shapes best practices in the corporate world.In addition to his academic pursuits, Abraham Ansong is a proactive advocate for entrepreneurship and financial literacy. He actively organizes workshops and seminars, where he imparts practical knowledge and skills to aspiring entrepreneurs, helping them navigate the complexities of the business world and make informed financial decisions. His dedication to fostering entrepreneurship has led to the development of numerous successful ventures and has positively impacted the economic landscape of the region.

 Abraham Ansong is the founding coordinator of the University of Cape Coast Business Coordinator, a platform that connects academia with the business community, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange. Under his leadership, this initiative has thrived as a hub real-world application of management principles.