University of Cape Coast

Mr. Mohammed Najimudeen Abdulai is currently a Senior Assistant Registrar, and Head of the Students Records Section of the Directorate of Academic Affairs (DAA) of the University of Cape Coast (UCC). He is a member of the Ghana Association of University Administrators (GAUA). Professionally, he is a Chartered Professional Administrator, and belongs to the Chartered Institute of Administrators and Management Consultants (CIAMC) of Ghana. He supervises and manages a team of administrative and technical staff on the implementation of the University of Cape Coast Online Student Information Systems, and related administrative and technical responsibilities. He is currently the Secretary to the ICT Committee of the University of Cape Coast, and further provides secretarial services to other adhoc Committees of the University. 

Mr. Abdulai has over a decade experience in Administration, Health Management Information Systems, Health Records Management, and National Health Insurance Management. At the Directorate of University Health Services (DUHS) of UCC, he provided managerial and technical leadership in health administration, Patient Health Information Systems (PHIS), District Health Information Management Systems 2 (DHIS2), ICT applications, research, and related administrative and technical responsibilities. He was very instrumental in the establishment of an ICT Unit and the adoption of paperless systems at the UCC Hospital.  As a former Preceptor for the Department of Health Information Management of the University of Cape Coast, Mr. Abdulai has over a decade experience in mentoring and training tertiary students on information systems and technology, health information management, biostatistics, research design and methodology, and healthcare organisational systems at the Directorate of University Health Services of UCC. He introduced and managed SMS solutions for staff medical screenings on their birthdays, as a complement to a wellness programme for University staff dubbed  Prevention is Better than Cure (PBC) programme. He further coordinated the implementation of Patient Educational and Engagement Documentary (PEED) videos at waiting arears of the University Hospital. He also provided administrative and technical support to development and implementation of the Directorate’s Strategic and Action Plans. He supported the organisation of sports and recreational activities for the Directorate. 

Mr. Abdulai is research reviewer for the Directorate of Research, Innovation, and Consultancy of UCC, and an external reviewer for the Journal of Systems and Information Technology. He has about seven (7) research publications as an Administrator, which encompasses Health Information Systems, Records Management and Public Health. His research interest and expertise include; Administration, Records Management, Health Information Systems (HIS), Health Informatics, Information and Communication Technology, and Public Health. He facilitated research data requests and related activities for University Students, Faculty, Staff and other stakeholders, and contributed to the conduct of surveys and quality assurance activities at the University Health Services.

Mr. Abdulai has proven competency in IT applications and familiarity within related environments, and demonstrates advanced expertise in SPSS, Microsoft office, computer hardware and related installations. He has good experience and knowledge in statistical methods and quantitative techniques, and R Software. He possesses excellent human relations and customer services skills, communicative and collaborative skills, strong ability to prioritize and execute multiple tasks, and very adaptable to multicultural settings. He is generally result-oriented, and a discipline Muslim.

Mr. Abdulai speaks English, Arabic, Dagbani, Hausa, Twi, and Fante. He engages in football activities (Real Madridista) and social media as hobbies.